Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mixed bag in rest of Big Ten weekend results

February 8, 2010
It was a busy few days for Big Ten teams, many of which played two or three matches. For most of those who finished up late yesterday, their weekend was a mixed bag.

The No. 12 Illini men began the weekend with a win over No. 21 Duke. Though the matches were close, they managed to escape the Blue Devils with a 5-2 win. It was a totally different story on Sunday when the Tennessee Volunteers (playing without No. 1 JP Smith) showed their visitors no Southern Hospitality, defeating the Illini, 6-1.  Abe Souza was the lone winner there, picking up his 14th victory of the season.

After winning six straight matches, the Indiana women were shut out by Duke on Saturday.  They continued their road trip to the Wake Forest, where the Hooisiers brought their record to 7-1 as they accomplished a 5-2 win.  Meanwhile, the Indiana men had a busy weekend of their own.  They used the homecourt to down Tennessee Tech and Butler, both with 7-0 scores.

The Iowa men were victorious over the University of Memphis (6-1) Friday and then took it all over Northern Illinois on Sunday.

The Northwestern men were upset 49th-ranked Vanderbilt on Friday, 6-1, but made the weekend even with a 5-2 victory over Western Michigan Sunday. The star of that show was freshman Spencer Wolf, who played (and won) in the No. 2 position for the first time.  The Wildcat women have only played four matches so far, but they took them all.  This weekend they added a 7-0 victory over Florida State to that record.

The Ohio State women are doing almost as well as their undefeated men's team.  Currently ranked No. 33, they improved to 8-1 on the season with 5-2 wins over No. 23 Virginia and No. 50 William & Mary. Gabby Steele and Fidan Manashirova are both holding 14 wins this season.

The Purdue men were 1-1 this weekend.  They began with a 6-1 win over Toledo, but  ended being  shutout against Vanderbilt in their first loss of the season.

Next weekend, many teams will not be playing dual matches as 16 teams will face off at the ITA Indoor Team Championships.
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