Friday, May 14, 2010

Men's Big 10 Conference Award Winners for 2010

May 8, 2010
The Big Ten held a banquet during the championships at the University of Indiana to honor top players in the conference. time to honor players for their work this season.  The following players received recognition:

Athlete of the Year:
Chase Buchanan, Ohio State

Freshman of the Year:Evan King, Michigan

Coach of the Year:

Ty Tucker, Ohio State

Sportsmanship Honorees:
Marek Czerwinski, Illinois
Isade Juneau, Indiana
Will Vasos, IOWA
Jason Jung, Michigan
Ron Hulewicz, MSU
Tobias Wernet, Minnesota
Alex Sanborn, Northwestern
Mike O’Connell, Ohio State
Ryan Gormley, Penn State
P.J. Rose, Purdue
Michael Dierberger, Wisconsin

All-Big Ten Team:

Marek Czerwinski, Illinois
Dennis Nevolo, Illinois
Lachlan Ferguson, Indiana
Jason Jung, Michigan
Evan King, Michigan
Sebastian Gallego, Minnesota
Chase Buchanan, Ohio State
Justin Kronauge, Ohio State
Dino Marcan, Ohio State
Eddie Bourchier, Penn State
Moritz Baumann, Wisconsin
Marek Michalicka, Wisconsin

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